Photography Alice Milewski’s surreal self-portraits

Alice Milewski’s surreal self-portraits

Giulia Guido

Exploring the deepest part of oneself and revealing it to the viewer, this is why Alice Milewski decided to devote herself to photography.

Alice Milewski is only 22 years old and is currently studying in Austria, but despite her young age she has already developed a well-defined style: in her shots, in fact, we find a recurring element, a fil rouge that unites all her visual narrative, namely a surreal cut

Playing with the lights that sometimes seem to illuminate everything or with the shadows that make the colours dark and heavy, Alice creates shots that seem to come from another world. And indeed it is a bit like that. 

The young photographer specializes in self-portraits, so when she works she is both the creator of the shot and the main subject. This allows her to do a lot of work on herself and to use photography as a means of expressing what is inside her, from her fears to her most personal thoughts.   

The aim is that when looking at the images the viewer finds something of themselves and, as Alice Milewski did during the process of making them, the time spent contemplating them becomes a moment of introspection. 

“While my images come from a personal place, the ultimate goal is that other people find a piece of themselves in my work. Art should be a mirror of both the creator and observer.” 

Check out some of Alice Milewski’s shots below, but to find out more follow her on Instagram

Alice Milewski
Alice Milewski
Alice Milewski
Alice Milewski
Written by Giulia Guido
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