The eclectic and animated art by Anna Katalin Lovrity

8 August 2019

Various animation, collage and digital drawing techniques in a single project are the particularity of Anna Katalin Lovrity’s work.

The illustrator and director Anna Katalin Lovrity creates shorts animation movies and projects on commissions from clients like Telekom Hungary, Telenor, McDonald’s, Kolorado Fesztiva. Born and raised in Budapest, she is graduated at the MOME, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2016, and now she works as a freelancer and co-founder of ZINA, a fanzine curated and realized by Hungarian artists.

Her work is particular because of using various animation techniques, collages with colored papers and digital drawing even in a single project, creating a true hybrid style that makes her works recognizable among many.

Discover below a selection of her works, and visit her site for more.

Text by Giordana Bonanno.


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