Art Arca, the new hub dedicated to art in Milan

Arca, the new hub dedicated to art in Milan

Tommaso Berra
Arca |

Milano Sud has a new exhibition space, dedicated to art in all its forms. Arca is the new multifunctional and polycultural hub that from Sunday 22 January at Via Rimini, 38 will host events and performances, including the exhibition ‘Il Rifugio dei Corpi’ (The Refuge of Bodies).
The stars of the exhibition will be the conceptual works of contemporary art by Edoardo Manzoni, Federica Balconi, Lucrezia Costa, Mauro Serra, Silvia Ontario and Stefano Ferrari, a selection of talents curated by Giorgia Massari and Sara Parolini.

The title of the exhibition, ‘Il Rifugio dei Corpi’, alludes to the theme of the exhibition, which interprets the concept of the body by considering not only the human body, but also the animal and spiritual body. The home or den can become protection but also a trap in the artists’ imagination. Human shelters are increasingly designed to be ‘human-friendly’ and less and less an escape route in which to truly isolate oneself.
The refuge, however, is not only a physical space that contains the body, the latter also metaphorically becomes the container and shell of the soul, which is here safe or, once again, trapped.
Arca is a new reality to follow, a meeting place for reasoning and vibrations, the guardian of a reassuring creativity, a refuge in other words.

Arca |
Arca |
Written by Tommaso Berra
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