Photography Australia from above by Martine Perret
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Australia from above by Martine Perret

Giulia Ficicchia
Beyond, l'Australia dall'alto di Martine Perret | Cover

The photographer Martine – has made a wonderful series of photographs entitled Beyond – Above Western Australia, consisting of aerial photographs of the kangaroos land.

Aboard a helicopter, Martine gives us natural images of the vast areas of the western part of the country, similar to watercolors with delicate pastel shades. Salt, water, sand and light become one and even more unique sight from above.

If our personal selection wasn’t enough and you still have “hunger” for Martine’s landscapes, you can buy her book, Beyond – Above Western Australia.

There can be no denying, if we could have a superpower we could give in to invisibility, but our true vocation would remain the ability to fly.

PhotographyAerial PhotographylandscapeLandscape Photography
Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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