Design “Bagh Chal”, a sunken courtyard in the desert

“Bagh Chal”, a sunken courtyard in the desert

Emanuele D'Angelo
Bagh Chal |

Iranian architect Davood Salavati and his studio “Team group” are designing a “Bagh Chal” literally a submerged courtyard that will rise in the middle of the desert, among the arid regions of Iran.
The project is designed to be a restaurant and a boutique, completely immersed in a silent place, far from everything.

With the “Bagh Chal” the architects wanted to demonstrate how there are alternative solutions to the obvious climatic problems of the region, and in particular how Iranian architecture manages to blend naturally with contemporary architecture, creating an innovative and undoubtedly futuristic structure.

The courtyard is undoubtedly one of the most significant elements of Iranian architecture, its typology, in this case, is thought of as an introverted brick monument. Even the fence has been designed with a shell-like structure that detaches itself from the surrounding landscape, forming a sort of caesura with the courtyard, clearly all decorated with a large green oasis that blends with the desert.

In addition, strategic excavations have been made in the ground in order to allow easier access to the underground springs that introduce moisture into the dry atmosphere of the place.
The natural underground water supply allowed the architect and his team to incorporate a system of small streams running through the courtyard and into large pools. This system ensures that the environment becomes habitable and the lush garden flora continues to grow between the laminated steps of the fence.

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The reasons for the construction of Bagh Chal are certainly the global climate crisis and the scarcity of energy resources, problems that did not stop the architects, but rather was a motivation to make their project even more unique.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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