Design The house in Iceland between lake and mountain by studio KRADS

The house in Iceland between lake and mountain by studio KRADS

Emanuele D'Angelo

Today we talk about the new project of the architects of KRADS studio, a beautiful house built next to the lake Þingvallavatn in southwest Iceland.

The house was commissioned by Danish singer-songwriter Tina Dickow and Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Helgi Jónsson, who actively contributed to the realization of the property with their ideas, which immediately matched those of the architects.

The result is a thoroughly modern house with large openings that frame the unique view the home enjoys of the Icelandic lake. Towards the north, the house offers unobstructed views and overlooks Lake Þingvallavatn and the Skjaldbreið mountain. In the opposite direction, there is a terrace facing southwest where you can observe the mountains Jórutindur and Hátindur.

The house is also as if it were in dialogue with the surrounding landscape, first of all, because thanks to its roof covered in grass and moss it manages to blend in with the surrounding forests, becoming almost invisible. But above all because its concrete foundations are in three staggered levels that follow the movement of the land.

Completing everything are the elegant finishes of the house. In fact, precise color palettes have been used to furnish it, in order to focus attention on the views and create a strong connection with the surrounding environment.
A real dream project by the KRADS architecture studio, a house where you can escape from the chaos and immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere just a step away from the lake and surrounded by mountains.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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