Photography Ben Geier’s urban relics

Ben Geier’s urban relics

Giorgia Massari
Ben Geier |

The Abandoned series best sums up the research of photographer and designer Ben Geier, who is fascinated by architecture, bright colours and pop culture in general. What Geier seeks is the perfect combination of a harmonious aesthetic and an interesting subject, as in the case of the urban relics immortalised here. Ben Geier, who often produces shots with geometric and angular subjects, indulges in a more chaotic dimension with a faded atmosphere in this project.

We are inside an old abandoned house, whose owners seem to have fled within minutes, taking nothing with them. The books are still on the shelves, as are the televisions and various pieces of furniture. Paintings waver on the walls that slowly shed their coloured paper, leaving room for the structure of the house. Everything takes one back in time, from the vinyls scattered on the floor to the 1960s television sets and the pastel palette typical of the era. The feelings of nostalgia and unease are palpable, accentuated by the absence of human presence, which is, however, suggested by the everyday objects, filmed in their slow decomposition.

Ben Geier |

Courtesy Ben Geier

Written by Giorgia Massari
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