Black Mirror’s upcoming Season 4 trailer

27 November 2017

Netflix has released the trailers for two episodes of the new Black Mirror series which, now in its fourth season, continues to investigate the relationship between man and technology.

Despite the fact that the release date has not yet been made public, Netflix has decided to release two trailers of the six episodes of Black Mirror‘s fourth season.
The series, which focuses on the relationship between man and technology, continues to tell more and more disturbing stories in a strongly dystopian future.

Arkangel, the episode directed by actress Jodie Foster, deals with parenting.
The protagonists are a mother who loses her little girl and who, to make sure that it never happens again, decides to enrol her in an experimental program that should allow her to monitor her life.

“The key to good parenting is control”.

Crocodile, the episode directed by John Hillcoat, has to do with memory and its gaps. A specialist will try to help the witness of an accident to reconstruct the scene he saw and then forgotten.


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