Art Speak to Me in a Floating Way, Carlo Cossignani’s Solo Exhibition at Tempesta Gallery

Speak to Me in a Floating Way, Carlo Cossignani’s Solo Exhibition at Tempesta Gallery

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Tempesta Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition “Speak to Me in a Floating Way,” featuring the solo works of Carlo Cossignani, which opens to the public tomorrow, October 6th. The critical text is by Philipp Hindal, and the exhibition is site-specific, designed for the gallery’s spaces. The central theme revolves around emptiness as the foundational element of the visible and invisible reality.

Cossignani’s works emerge from a cerebral and visual layering. Through careful observation, the state of emptiness that lingers beyond the brushstrokes reveals shapes, faces, and bodies. The viewer’s gaze gets lost, journeying through different dimensions, delving into the depth of the image that unveils worlds and reflections, becoming fluid and indefinite. Interpretations overlap, speaking to the viewer’s most intimate and personal side. The exhibition unfolds, revealing a continuous narrative, ranging from watercolors to mirrored steel sculptures, cold and sharp.

«Carlo Cossignani’s work challenges the ephemeral contemporaneity of our digital world. In an era where everything seems immediate and fleeting, where information flows fast and superficially, the decision to dedicate an exhibition to Cossignani’s art is an act of resistance against haste and transience. The choice to focus on the work of this eclectic artist is motivated by the deep conviction that art should not be consumed in an instant but savored, contemplated, and interpreted with calm. Cossignani’s works compel us to abandon the frenetic pace of our daily lives to immerse ourselves in a world of layers and complexity. This exhibition represents an opportunity to escape the frenzy of the modern world and delve into an artistic universe where time takes on a different dimension.» – Elisa Bonzano, Art Director, Tempesta Gallery.

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