Art Casey Curran’s kinetic sculptures can also be worn.

Casey Curran’s kinetic sculptures can also be worn.

Giulia Guido

If we were to draw a line between sculpture and engineering, that’s exactly where we would find Casey Curran‘s works. Educated at Cornish College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in sculpture and painting, since his college years, he began to attract attention by exhibiting his works in various galleries. From the outset, he dedicated himself to creating sculptures that took inspiration from elements of nature, such as small hummingbirds, flowers, and plants, but treated through materials like wire and small metal mechanisms.

However, in addition to the forms and elements of the natural world, Curran is also fascinated by movement. This is why his works are characterized by small mechanisms that transform them into kinetic sculptures. In his early works, these mechanisms had to be manually activated by a crank that brought some elements suddenly to life. Art thus merged with craftsmanship and engineering, making itself available not only to galleries but also to theatrical performances, site-specific installations, and even the world of fashion.

His sculptures, which have a hint of puppetry, have made their way into the fashion system primarily thanks to his collaboration with designer Iris van Herpen, which began in 2021 with the haute couture collection titled Roots of Rebirth. So, if before it was floral sculptures placed in the center of rooms or on stages that came to life, with this collaboration, the magnificent dresses of the Dutch designer began to come to life.

Given the strong connection with flora and fauna, as well as Casey Curran’s original and innovative way of representing the natural world, it was only fitting for him to be present on the green carpet at the latest Met Gala, held on Monday, May 6th. The theme of the Met Gala 2024, “The Garden of Time,” which introduces the new Costume Institute exhibition: “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” perfectly aligns with all the mechanisms connected to Curran’s metal leaves. Mona Patel, an Indian entrepreneur and CEO of companies such as HauteX Ventures and radXai, a startup in the healthcare technology sector and included in Forbes’ Next 1000 list, wore the dress created by the Curran-van Herpen duo.

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