Photography Cinematography – A Cure for Wellness

Cinematography – A Cure for Wellness

Giordana Bonanno

A fairy tale, thriller, horror, science fiction and action movie. A cure for Wellness is the most complex film Gore Verbinski has ever produced since The Ring and Pirates of the Caribbean, but certainly not the one he is remembered for.

Put this way it will seem strange the choice, but this time we decided to talk about the cinematographic aspect that certainly made the eyes of anyone who has already seen it enjoy it; it is here that Verbinski proved to be an “architectural” director giving us great perspectives and images that leave us breathless. Straight lines, geometric figures, shots without unnecessary smudges, in which the central vanishing point generates suspense, expectation and mystery.

It is told of a young and ambitious executive whose life is put to the test when, sent to retrieve the company director in a mysterious “wellness centre” in the Swiss Alps, he discovers a shocking secret about the “curative” spa treatments.

The scenes move along very long corridors that arouse the same feelings of curiosity, anxiety, uncertainty from which the protagonist is tormented; the result is an obsessive and labyrinthine work in which we are forced to get lost between flashbacks and digressions. All these rhetorical figures only confirm the moralistic message that the story wants to bring us closer to: the inconceivable monstrosity we are seeing is nothing but ourselves, a lazy and anaffective humanity, unable to take an interest in anything other than its own well-being.

With the help of excellent technical departments we enter a magical and disturbing atmosphere where the plot is narrated in an epic way and everything is shrouded in a shaded cloud of green and blue that detaches us even more from reality. The characters in Steve Gindler‘s photographs, known on Instagram under the name “Cvatik“, seem to have come out of Verbinski’s film: humans take on new features and live in a world different from ours.

Did you know: The building of the sanatorium is part of a former hospital complex. During WW1 many injured soldiers have been there, including Adolf Hitler.

Genre: Horror, fantasy
Director: Gore Verbinski
Director of photography: Bojan Bazelli
Writer: Justin Haythe
Stars: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth

Written by Giordana Bonanno
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