Art Bozza automatica

Bozza automatica

Giulia Guido

Breaking stereotypes, one art at a time.
This can be read in the bio of the Instagram profile of Naushin, a young designer who, when not working for her brand Baari, dedicates her free time to the creation of embroideries that, besides being beautiful, are the vehicle of strong and decisive messages related to increasingly topical themes. 

With just the use of needle and thread, Naushin tells us stories that deal with topics such as prejudice, skin color, acceptance of one’s own body, the vision of women in society, the canons of beauty, and much more. 

Just a little is enough, the silhouette of two bodies embracing each other, full of wounds from which, however, flowers are born, says more than a thousand words. It is thanks to their simplicity, but also to the reality they represent, that Naushin’s works go straight to the heart and become the symbol of battles that we should never stop fighting. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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