Art Dan Bejar and his conceptual illustrations

Dan Bejar and his conceptual illustrations

Giulia Guido

How to represent a world made of appearances and double faces? How to turn addiction into a single image, how can it be an addiction to drugs, which sucks you into streets with no way out?
I believe that, for an artist, there is no more difficult challenge than representing the abstract, an idea, a fear, a condition or a state of mind. Dan Bejar is one of those few illustrators who besides succeeding in this field excels in this field. His conceptual illustrations transform what we cannot see into something concrete. 

By implementing this transformation news that we hear every day on television, events that we keep talking about becoming real and of greater impact: to say that a person has stained his hands with blood and to see two hands dripping with blood is a very different thing. 

His talent for summing up much larger and broader themes into a single illustration has led him to work for clients such as The New York Times, TIME Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, and Rollingstone. 

Below you can find a selection of his illustrations, to learn more go to Dan Bejar’s website

Written by Giulia Guido
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