Art Cécile Dormeau illustrates what it means to be a woman

Cécile Dormeau illustrates what it means to be a woman

Giulia Guido

Every woman knows how difficult it is to be a woman: fighting with your hair in the morning, trying to hide pimples, dealing with comments about your weight, your appearance, your clothes. These are aspects that are part of everyday life and that sometimes take a heavy toll on morale. French illustrator Cécile Dormeau gives voice to all women by drawing scenes of normal everyday life and normalising certain aspects that are not always talked about. 

Cécile Dormeau graduated from the Estienne school of design in Paris, then lived first in Hamburg and then in Berlin where she worked as a designer and illustrator. She later worked as a junior art director at Ogilvy One in Frankfurt, finally deciding to pursue a career as an illustrator and return to Paris, where she now lives and works. 

Every day Cécile shares simple illustrations with her 265,000 followers on Instagram, with colourful backgrounds and featuring girls of all ages struggling with jeans that are too tight or hair growth.
What sets Cécile’s work apart from that of all other illustrators is that she started dealing with these topics in “unsuspected times”, beginning to make her illustrations as early as 2015, long before movements like NormalizeNormalBodis. 

The illustrator manages to summarise in a single image the state of mind of thousands of people, who share her work, finally feeling understood and no longer alone. 

We’ve selected just a few of her works, but if you want to find out more, follow her on Instagram

Written by Giulia Guido
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