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Photographer Daria Troitskaia‘s artistic evolution has been fuelled by her constant movement between different locations, her sense of adventure, self-imposed challenges and a unique perspective that breathes life into her photography. Troitskaia was born in St Petersburg, studied in Vienna and now resides in Italy. Her lens reflects her life: capturing the world in perpetual motion. Whether it is the crowded streets of a city or the quiet moments of a remote village, she captures the details, habits and emotions that are often overlooked. Her street photography portfolio offers a glimpse into people’s private lives, with each frame telling a compelling story.

Daria’s adventurous spirit takes her to great altitudes, literally. She embarks on aerial photography missions, capturing breathtaking views from helicopters. Her lens soars above the majestic Swiss Alps, follows the wild coastlines of Malta and enjoys the endless beauty of the Italian Riviera. On the ground, he documents iconic events such as the Gran Prix Nuvolari and the Mille Miglia, capturing the essence of legendary races and thrilling battles.

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Daria’s artistic journey continues with her next photography book, ‘Italy from the Air‘, which promises to show the beauty of Italy from an unparalleled perspective. Her work goes beyond borders, decorating exhibitions all over the world, and her commitment to pushing creative boundaries ensures that the best is yet to come. For Daria Troitskaia, “the impossible is just an opinion“, and her art continues to inspire and fascinate.

Here we present the series to which the shot belongs that Daria Troitskaia will present at the Photography exhibition at the Fondazione Matalon in Milan from 22 to 24 September 2023.

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