Elly Smallwood’s NSFW sensual paintings

19 February 2019

Elly Smallwood is a Canadian artist who explores sexuality in her passionate NSFW paintings about famale body. Take a look at our gallery!

Elly Smallwood is a Canadian artist whose works have been exhibited internationally in places like the Massey Lyuben Gallery in New York City. She’s into art world thanks to her style that releases passion, dealing with issues such as sexuality, intense emotions and alienation.

Through dense brush strokes with a fluid stroke, Elly paints something that “comes from within”, visceral, which fascinates and consumes the human being. There are no great planning phases, the pictorial act comes to light spontaneously, so that every emotion reaches the spectator in a natural way.

The large formats are a key element in the composition of the artist’s paintings, capable of dominating the spectator’s mind with aggression. Take a look at our gallery and at her Instagram.


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