Art Short video for Breakfast – Enough, when you reach the limit

Short video for Breakfast – Enough, when you reach the limit

Giulia Guido
Enough |

You know when you’re on the bus, the person next to you screams on the phone and you just want to slap him. Swedish director Anna Mantzaris‘s short film Enough takes all those frustrating everyday situations and gives free rein to our instincts. The social norms, of good morals, no longer exist, the protagonists of the video no longer have to control themselves, also having the possibility of totally losing control.

The idea was born when Anna moved to London to study. Here, surrounded by thousands of people and always frequenting crowded places, she began to feel this frustration in the air and to imagine what the real reactions of people could be.

Enough’s strength is that he represents scenes that have happened to everyone at least once in their lives. Moments of everyday life that are universally shared.

My advice? When you’re out and about, don’t behave like you were at home.



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Written by Giulia Guido
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