Style The adidas Forum Mod is the new sneaker to keep an eye on

The adidas Forum Mod is the new sneaker to keep an eye on

Anna Frattini

adidas, together with Foot Locker, is launching the new version of the Forum: the Forum Mod: a versatile sneaker that manages to blend with different styles and trends, from Gorp Core to Skate Core and even Norm Core. This sneaker has been on the market for almost 40 years, born in 1984. Now we are experiencing a different era: the Forum Mod era. A new sneaker and the perfect vessel for a functional and versatile streetwear wardrobe driven by the new upcoming trends. 

This is shoe is progressive, creative and made from sustainable materials. This new sneaker wants to keep the serrated 3-stripes and the classic X-panel adding the elongated heel counter and midsole contribuiting to elevate the appearence of the original Forum. Also, the colors are keeping the style as a priority for the Forum Mod. 

In this year’s launch campaign, the Forum Mod is accompanied by the Chile set, a tracksuit that perfectly complements the sneaker’s versatility. The intention is to maintain the relevance of this shoe for another 40 years, continuing to follow streetwear trends and the direction they will take in the future.

Written by Anna Frattini
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