Style Gentle Monster’s futuristic new frames

Gentle Monster’s futuristic new frames

Anna Frattini

Let’s talk about Gentle Monster, the avant-garde eyewear brand that recently unveiled its 2024 Optical Collection. The launch is scheduled for November 2nd, and it will take place in two very special pop-up stores. The launch campaign is themed around High School and incorporates bold and sophisticated metal details.

The 2024 Optical Collection marks a new trajectory for Gentle Monster, as this time it manages to blend elements characterized by a bold and sophisticated approach with metal elements, but most notably, colored lenses in various shades. The design remains as futuristic as ever, and when combined with the launch campaign, it becomes even cooler.

The launch campaign, featuring the actress Nana Komatsu and musician Shinichi Osawa, creates a futuristic high school atmosphere where the protagonists take part in robotics and martial arts classes. This concept aligns well with the launch of such an aesthetically intriguing product.

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On this occasion, there will be two pop-up stores opening for the launch of the 2024 Optical Collection, one in Seoul and one in Beijing. Both stores will feature a large sculpture inspired by backpack culture. Additionally, customers will have the opportunity to obtain a special ID created in a photobooth designed by the Gentle Monster team.

Written by Anna Frattini
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