Photography Giulia Madiai’s investigation on S*tan
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Giulia Madiai, a photographer born in 1989, conceived a photographic project where she questioned how the system of investigations, conspiracies, and unproven theories transforms into a real track. Indeed, the archetype of the Devil – always – has been used as a tool to explain events that have nothing to do with facts. What is exploited is nothing but the ancestral and atavistic fear of humans towards the unknown. In the curatorial text, Madiai writes: «It’s a pandemic of Satanists! they shout, and slowly the realm of omen gains the weight of condemnations, condemnations so cruel that it makes us wonder: what if it were all true? Like a Rorschach stain, in ‘Road to Black,’ one moves between the reality of facts and fiction, ending up recreating an ideal case and telling of the profound bond that ties man to Evil.»

Through articles and archival images, Giulia Madiai recounts Satan being used as a scapegoat, illuminating a photographically unexplored aspect.

ph. courtesy Giulia Madiai

Photographyblack and white
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