Photography Harlem. Just Harlem. Only Harlem.

Harlem. Just Harlem. Only Harlem.

Anna Frattini

Sole Harlem is a photographic project by Louise Amelie, shot between 2017 and 2018, which delves into one of the most iconic neighborhoods of the Big Apple. In the critical text by Philip Malzahn, the focus is on history, but above all on a well-defined journey into the experiences of those who inhabit this area. Amelie’s photographs capture a historically contextualized atmosphere, the everyday life that, in its stillness, exerts a tremendously powerful communicative force, and the myriad of stories impossible to tell all at once.

A yearlong walk in Harlem with Louise Amelie

This project stems from a yearlong walk – as stated in the critical text – by the photographer who, between 2017 and 2018, immersed herself in the stories of Harlem, in encounters both fortuitous and in the in-between spaces that the photographer discovered over time while exploring this neighborhood, now increasingly cool and exorbitantly overpriced compared to its past. A past marked by civil rights, protests, and uprisings against hegemony.

harlem louise amelie

Philip Malzahn, regarding Sole Harlem, speaks of a true crash by a disoriented visitor who finds himself in the midst of a neighborhood with a very specific reputation that seems not to correspond to a true understanding of this place. What Harlem represents today, starting from the images captured by Amelie, is a place that has drawn strength from a long and tumultuous history – full of contradictions – which now seems to have been set aside in favor of aggressive and contradictory gentrification.

harlem louise amelie
Written by Anna Frattini
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