In September ImageNation arrives in Milan

Giulia Guido · 2 years ago
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After Paris, Arles, Venice and Los Angeles, ImageNation is ready to present itself to the public in Milan

From 24 to 30 September, the Lombard capital will host the international photography exhibition ImageNation, launched in 2013 by Martin Vegas with the aim of going beyond the dynamics of the web, offering real fruition of photography that also includes the sale of high-quality fine-art prints. 

ImageNation Milan
24 – 30 SEPT
Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Foro Buonaparte 67, Milan

The works of more than 100 authors from 30 different countries will be exhibited within the spaces offered by the Fondazione Luciana Matalon. From Alessio Albi’s simply perfect, uniquely styled portraits to Laura Zalenga’s timeless, dreamlike imagery, Nicholas Fols & Siermond’s ethereal suggestions to Eva Milkonskaya’s Nordic atmospheres, the selected artists are known all over the world and united not only by their passion for photography, but also by their talent and ability to capture the unusual in everyday life. 

ImageNation’s aim has always been to show the public the world as seen through the eyes and works of these artists, creating a community made up of a diverse group of photographers and viewers capable of grasping the value of every single shot. 

We at are proud to be the main partner of the Milan leg of ImageNation and we have decided to accompany you all the way to the opening of the exhibition with a series of content and interviews designed ad hoc.
Keep reading us and follow on Facebook and Instagram and ImageNation on the official site and Instagram for all the updates and to get your daily dose of great photographs. 


Photo cover: Nicholas Fols & Siermond

In September ImageNation arrives in Milan
In September ImageNation arrives in Milan
In September ImageNation arrives in Milan
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