The erotic shots by Lana Prins

Lana Prins is a Dutch photographer of just 20 years old. In her shots she captures the eroticism of the female body away from trivial poses.

16 January 2014

Since she was a child, Lana Prins has always been shy and dreamy. Every day she spent her time inventing fantasy stories in which she was the protagonist in the company of other beautiful girls. Romance every moment of her childhood was her favorite hobby and this made her training more interesting.

One day she took her parents’ camera and took a few shots of a friend of hers in the dunes. From that moment on, her imaginative stories began to enter into reality; she chose the poses, the colors, the clothes that the subjects had to wear and the final result she saw in the photos, without realizing it, was more and more similar to the stories of her mind.

Growing her veiled shyness has been replaced for curiosity, vanity and the captivating desire to discover. Almost all her works revolve around the beauty of women, their bodies and flowers, so as to develop over time a small obsession with these elements.

Lana Prins is now a 20-year-old Dutch photographer who surprised me with her young age and the quality of her photographic work. In her shots she demonstrates an innate talent for capturing the beauty and eroticism of the female body away from trivial poses, going beyond the conventional and creating images capable of moving like a voyeur, between the hidden areas of our subconscious.

Take a look at her personal website.


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