Photography Kosuke Saito, a dynamic photographer and portrait artist

Kosuke Saito, a dynamic photographer and portrait artist

Federica Cimorelli

Kosuke Saito, known on Instagram as @___1227_, is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo who creates dynamic and energetic analogue portraits. His photography seeks out the expressiveness of the models, captures the movement of the bodies and is constantly evolving.

Kosuke Saito balances order and chaos, taking hazy and imperfect shots while experimenting with different techniques. His camera is intentionally unstable and the exposure times are deliberately long. The final effect of his investigation is a photograph that follows the techniques of motion blur and stroboscopic photography, two methods that immortalise subjects on film as ectoplasmic beings.

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Light and colour play a key role in his research because they are constantly transformed to create different environments and feelings.
His style is free of contradictions, does not delve too far into abstraction and in the meantime requires care and commitment.

See a selection of his photographs here, follow him on Instagram and visit his personal website.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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