Art Leon Keer, his work for the Dubai Steet Museum
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Leon Keer, his work for the Dubai Steet Museum

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The Dutch pop-surrealist artist Leon Keer, on the occasion of the last edition of the Dubai Steet Museum in the Arab Emirates, wanted to make his contribution by creating a great work of art on the walls of the city’s palaces. Produced in collaboration with SAN (StreetArtNews) Projects Brand Dubai and DEWA, this new addition to Leon Keer’s Dubai Street Museum is another stunning 3D illusion showing a giant robot charging its batteries at home.

Leon Keer | 1

Leon Keer is one of the most important artists in anamorphic street art as he has created works on canvas and 3D artworks on the streets all over the world gaining a great notoriety and appreciation. In addition to using optical illusion, he often presents his art by adding new technologies, such as augmented reality and video mapping. Some of his works may be temporary, but the images are shared around the world through social media.

The project aims to transform the city into the largest outdoor museum in the world. If you are passing through Dubai, you will find over 70 murals created in recent years. The robot is located on Happiness Street in the Trade Center area.

If you want to find out more about the artist and his projects, here you can find his profiles on Instagram and Facebook!

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