Art Lewis Miller New York Floral Installations
ArtartflowersinstallationLewis MillerNew York

Lewis Miller New York Floral Installations

Giulia Ficicchia
Le installazioni floreali newyorkesi di Lewis Miller | 2

If I could start every day as I like it, then it would undoubtedly begin with a morning attempt at the market to buy a bouquet of flowers.

Regardless of their symbology and tradition, flowers are the closest to the concept of beauty, or at least to mine, for the universal one you have to talk with those who established it.

Precisely for this reason I decide to show you the floral raids in the New York streets by designer Lewis Miller and his team, which reuse common rubbish buckets and architectural elements as a container for his immense creations and the remains of various events and compositions as raw materials. We have to give him a great merit: the city that never sleeps takes on some more color than the usual grey and yellow, plunged into anonymity.

ArtartflowersinstallationLewis MillerNew York
Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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