Art Vaskange’s Endless Illustration

Vaskange’s Endless Illustration

Tommaso Berra
Vaskange |

Among the many advantages of digital illustration is that of being able to create works without being limited to the outline of the sheet or the physical medium. The French artist Vaskange recently published his latest work on his social channels, which consists precisely of an account of his last holiday, illustrated in an endless loop.
The digital artist used the drawing and writing programme for iPad Endless Paper, which allows him to work on large formats while maintaining the same definition. In the video, Vaskange seems to be continuously zooming in on a single work, in reality it is a drawing to which an outline is added that ends up comprising an increasingly smaller scene.
It goes from the drawing of vaskange’s studio to the places visited, including sunsets on the coast and the seabed.
That of the loop is not a new trick, but there are examples dating back to the 1960s and 1970s, which played on the optical effect of recreating the view of a microscope or a space telescope, linking that technical stratagem always to a more scientific than artistic approach.

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