Photography Artistic nudity and liberation in Lucie Nechanicka’s photos

Artistic nudity and liberation in Lucie Nechanicka’s photos

Tommaso Berra
Lucie Nechanicka |

A form of freedom and self-assertion vis-à-vis a world of conventions and constraints, by photographing her own naked body artist Lucie Nechanicka wants to achieve this condition of personal and emotional freedom.
Born in the Czech Republic and now based in the UK, Lucie represents this freedom first and foremost by stripping away any veils that may condition the gaze, to move away from a traditional view of nudity and back to a tradition of the body, seen as pure unity, the element that most shares mechanisms with the Earth and nature.
Technically, Lucie Nechanicka represents the concept of freedom through perspective distortion or by hiding her body or playing with shadows, which are either natural or brought in by other objects that create decorations on the skin. The use of unusual angles helps to break out of the monotony of the narrative about the human body in photography, as well as other elements that seem to stand between the subject and the viewer, such as lenses, filters or mirrors, capable of altering a first impression that is all about rewriting, revising and analysing outside the traditional box.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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