Photography Luigi Testa, the island as a sigh of relief

Luigi Testa, the island as a sigh of relief

Giulia Guido
Luigi Testa |

Luigi Testa dreams of summer and the islands of the world as a place to reconnect with nature. Waiting to exhibit at Liquida PhotoFestival from May 5 until May 22. asked the photographer a few questions about his sense of melancholy, loneliness and Pantelleria as a place of dreams.

1. You are one of the photographers selected for Liquida Exhibition, tell us about the project you will exhibit in Turin.

My project, “Nature,” is a work still in development. It is an idea that was born, as the title suggests, from my love for nature. The intent is to tell the relationship between man and nature, in this case the main theme is loneliness, the kind of loneliness not necessarily dictated by being alone and isolated from the rest, but the feeling that you feel even being surrounded by other similar (whether men or trees)..

2. “Look Beyond” is the theme of Liquida Photofestival 2022, what does “looking beyond” mean to you when you photograph?

Looking beyond for me means to pause, to give importance to what seems obvious to us. The sublimation of the common is a process as difficult to put into practice as satisfying and bewitching if done correctly. Look Beyond therefore means slowing down, taking your time to enjoy what we have available to us all and every day, in this case nature.

3. What would you like people to hear when they look at your photos?

Looking at my photos I would like the viewer to feel peace, tranquility, like a sigh of relief that for a moment can help not to think of anything else. All seasoned with a little melancholy.

4. What places you have not yet been to would you like to photograph in the future and why?

I am a sea lover and therefore my natural habitat is the islands. I would like to be able to visit and photograph them all (I know it’s a dream). Going in order, however, I would say Pantelleria is one of the few Italian islands that I miss and, not to go too far away, I would continue with Spain and Greece.

You say in your Instagram bio that “unfortunately it’s not always summer,” is that because of its aesthetic imagery or because of the feelings and memories it evokes?

This question could have a thousand valid answers for me. Very trivially, as I said before, I love the sea and the islands, I believe that summer is their period of maximum splendor for life, colors and scents. Remaining in the photographic field I would like it to be always summer because I like to photograph with the sun, at any time from dawn to dusk, then because in summer we are all a little more beautiful and happy and nature gives the best of itself. The last reason I wish it was always summer is that I suffer from “winter sadness” and to summarize barbarously: I feel better in summer!

Written by Giulia Guido
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