Lux Noctis, the play of lights of Reuben Wu

14 March 2018

In his photographic series, Lux Noctis, Reuben Wu shows us unexplored places with plays of lights as they are new planets from different galaxies that we can explore.

Reuben Wu is one of the leading experts of the kind of photography that can surprise you with little. A desolate landscape becomes a futurist painting with the right colors, a horizon lights up in the dark, a road seems to be endless.

There’s no surprise if one of his photographic series, Lux Noctis, captures right away its observer, surprising him with plays of lights in natural, dark and unexplored places.

The photographer has recently added new photographs, where, through the use of illuminated drones, he realizes halos on rocky summits. With creativity and skill, he brings us into a natural world from a different galaxy, a new planet to explore, the light suddenly comes to show us for the first time what is around us.



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