Machete Mixtape 4 is finally out, Salmo and the crew are on fire

5 July 2019

Four years after the last volume, Salmo and the crew born in Sardinia have released Machete Mixtape 4, the best thing you'll listen to this summer.

It’s been barely 8 months since the release of Playlist, the last album by Salmo that still rides the charts, but the rapper from Olbia doesn’t hint to stop.
Since last night, in fact, the fourth volume of one of the most listened to and loved mixtapes of all time is finally available.

Machete Mixtape 4 is a work that takes us back to the past of the crew born in Sardinia, first in 2012, the year in which the first volume containing tracks of the caliber of King’s Supreme was published, then in 2013 with volume 2, and finally in 2014 the first to be produced by a Major.

But it’s a leap into the past which brings us straight into the present because there are many new features.
In the last mixtape the whole crew is present: Salmo, Slait and Hell Raton, to whom we owe the supervision of the whole project, then we find Nitro, Dani Faiv, Jack The Smoker, the exponents of the 333 Mob, Low Kidd, Lazza, tha Supreme and Beba, that with the ft “Io può” marks for the first time the entry of a woman in a Machete Mixtape.
Also present were Marracash, Fabri Fibra, Massimo Pericolo, Tedua, Shiva, Ghali and Sick Luke, Gemitaiz and Izi, often accompanied by the voice of Salmo, present in most of the songs in the mixtape.

A mix of the best Italian contemporary rap, accompanied by electronic beats typical of the crew, some tribute to the old school and also the presence of some newcomers who, according to these names, deserve to ride better stages, producer Young Miles is only 17 years old and faces the sacred monsters of Italian hip hop.

An impressive mixtape from every point of view, which does not chase the catchphrase or the hit, but which presents a valuable alternative to everything we’ve heard in recent years.

Enjoy your listening.


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