Art No Poverty, Zed1 represents poverty and hope
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No Poverty, Zed1 represents poverty and hope

Giulia Guido
No Poverty Zed1 |

For a project promoted by the city of Turin in collaboration with Lavazza, 17 artists were invited to represent The Global Goals of the United Nations. These are 17 objectives that, in 2015, the leaders and representatives of the various countries set themselves the goal of achieving by 2030.

The first objective, that of fighting and eliminating poverty, citing “End poverty in all its forms everywhere”, was assigned to Zed1 and takes the title of No Poverty.

Like all Marco Burresi’s works, this is also a story in images rather than a mural. It is a story of destruction and hope at the same time.

In the middle we see two hands opening a wallet full of land. In the middle, in the soil, where the sun beats and manages to pass through the clouds, grows a rosebud that carries with it a small character who holds in his arms a coin, a house, and some bread.

On the sides, two clouds held by two hands shade everything else, where there is no life and the few plants that are there are dying. Clouds carry the motives and causes of poverty. On the left, there is corruption, represented by a figure with a balaclava carrying a briefcase full of money, the low level of education in the world in the form of a broken book, the war and the borders drawn with a myrtle and barbed wire. On the right, instead, a sign on the red cross represents the low level of health care, a building that is bleaching in pieces symbolizes the lack of a home and finally a rake and a tank of gasoline remember the lack of means that many people in the world do not have and the problem of pollution.

Only a man, if he really wants it, can move his hands, and then the clouds, and bring back the sun everywhere.

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No Poverty Zed1 | No Poverty Zed1 | No Poverty Zed1 | No Poverty Zed1 | No Poverty Zed1 | No Poverty Zed1 |

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Written by Giulia Guido
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