Listen to “Oceano,” Don Said’s new single!

Listen to “Oceano,” Don Said’s new single!

Giulia Guido
Don Said |

Nicolò was born in 1999 in Catania, where his passion for music and writing immediately emerged and, inspired by one of the characters in the famous film La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz, he officially adopted the stage name Don Said
After a period of live performances and peak, he decided to move to Milan, where his career continued and intensified. 

Today, after a series of singles including “Socio” and “Non mi disturbare“, Don Said is ready to begin a new journey and does so with “Oceano“. 
Produced by and distributed by The Orchard, the song differs from the previous ones both for the musicality and the content. 

Don Said |

The text, through a strong metaphor, recounts the wearisome relationship with addictions as if it were a love relationship that, on the contrary of doing well to both sides, destroys one of them. 

Eri ciò che mi uccideva e ciò che mi faceva vivere
Mi hai tolto dal delirio, non eri una qualunque:
Eri ciò che mi serviva per non perdere il controllo.

The words find their perfect position on the sad and melancholic atmospheres evoked by the instrumental, produced by Federico Maccherone and Thomas Feriero, enhanced by the guitar played by Don Said himself. 

Con te è tutto più sereno
Sto annegando in questo oceano
Siamo antidoto e Veleno
E siamo ciò che ci manca,
Ciò che ci manca, siamo ciò che ci manca

A song like this could not help but be accompanied by a video clip just as good as the expectations. Directed by Enrico Cerovac and with the artistic direction of Marco Aurelio Mendia and Andrea “Muten” Carveni, the video brilliantly manages to show what the text tells, alternating scenes in wide-open spaces with scenes indoors, which restore that sense of oppression given by addictions. 

I have told myself many times to tell this story, to try to let off steam and lighten its weight with music. I never wanted to do it because I don’t like to talk about what afflicts me, not even with the people I love. This piece was written more with the brain than with the heart, I looked for all the points of encounter between the true story behind it and a love story.

Listen to Oceano and watch the video below! 

PH: Marco Aurelio Mendia

Written by Giulia Guido
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