Photography Nobody Is Saved Alone, I NEED YOU

Nobody Is Saved Alone, I NEED YOU

Giorgia Massari

«You enter a nightclub in Rome or Berlin, a club, a gay bar. It doesn’t matter. It’s winter, it’s summer, you’re happy, excited, you’re sweating. The atmosphere is thick with the breaths of those who have been dancing for hours to a queer line-up we all know or a techno, electronic, or house sound that, even if it’s your first time hearing it, feels like you’ve known it forever. You see familiar and unfamiliar faces, all united. You relax your shoulders, move your hips a bit. You catch glances, evade them, you’re one, you’re many. The space swells to the rhythm of the bass, shaped by the bodies that move, drink, and alter themselves. You wet your lips, eyes seeking each other. A desire for others, for everyone, to feel like one, two, many. With the urge to please, to be pleased, to be accepted and wanted. “No one saves themselves alone.”»

This is the essence captured by Puertosool, stage name Pasquale Desantis, in his photographs. His installation I NEED YOU (volemose bene) presents a selection of his photographic project that, for years, has documented queer nights, raves and underground LGBTQIA+ parties in Rome and during his travels in Europe.

Attracted by details rather than the subjects as a whole, Puertosool depicts smiles, hands, hair, shoes and feet. He is obsessed with kisses, explosions of emotion that he captures at the height of effusion. The installation recreates the atmosphere of a club, made up of bodies and lights, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in this collective space of desire.

The club as a space of freedom

The club has always been a gathering place for the queer community: a space of expressive, political and social freedom. In this context, the installation that Puertosool conceives around the series explores the desire for intimacy and affectivity linked to both the club and the domestic environment, through the display of objects that evoke tenderness and personal connections.

Who is Puertosool?

Puertosool, alias Pasquale Desantis, was born in Cerignola in 1990. When he moved to Rome he was thunderstruck by the capital’s night scene. His nickname, Puertosool, stems from his work experience in Roman clubbing, in reference to a well-known brand of fruit juices. Currently, his main professional occupation is related to magic clowning events. He approaches photography spontaneously, using a compact 5mm camera, which gives his works a vintage taste, without post-production or editing.

Photography serves Puertosool to explore and document nightlife and queer culture, capturing the essence of the LGBTQIA+ community while highlighting the beauty of expressive freedom. His attention to detail – a smile, a hand, a kiss – makes each image a celebration of life and love in all its forms.

Courtesy Puertosool

Written by Giorgia Massari
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