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Known on Instagram as, Sophia Lasson is a German photographer who captures the most intimate and unconfessed details of her subjects.

Calibrating truth and narrative, Sophia manages to give an authentic and sincere portrait of the women she depicts, their stories and their struggles. Her shots are honest and genuine, simple and essential.

We had the chance to talk a bit with her about photography, life and art. Here is the interview, enjoy the reading.

Hi Sophia, tell us something about yourself. Where did you grow up, how did you discover photography and how long have you been working in this world?

My name is Sophia Lasson, I’m 29 years old and I grew up in Landshut, Germany, an hour away from Munich, in an encouraging and creative family. From a young age, my parents challenged me and my two brothers in art, sports and music, so we taught the way of creative output quite early.
I discovered photography in my first apprenticeship as a dental technician, but I felt it in my blood long before. I was always amazed by the lines, the forms, the expressions, the details and the beauty within every faces. 
After my apprenticeship, I spent a year in New Zealand and attended a photography class. During that time I learned different techniques, a lot about the beauty of this world. Unfortunately, I had some health issues which made me look at my own body a lot. Through that, I was able to find beauty in brokenness, too.
Coming back to Germany I studied Design of Communication and then started working in a creative branch. However, photography has always been my first love, so I stopped working and became a freelance photographer and designer. I kept digging into the art and communication of photography and still do. I love the authentic body, face and the story behind it. I believe I was created to create and encourage others with that.

What do you like to tell through your photography?

Through photography, I’d like to make the invisible visible and to feel the visible. My passion is to recreate the beauty that surrounds me, in the authentic. To encourage people, they are good the way they are. I would like to change what is called the “perfect view” of things because in my opinion there is no such thing as a perfect way of being.

What is beauty for you?

For me beauty is sitting in a lonely field of grass, inhaling fresh air that blows my hair, looking up to the sky and being where I am. Holding the hand of love, moving along the possible and creating the impossible. The place I can encounter my feelings: disgust, surprise, fear, happiness, anger, sadness. Beauty for me is not fearing who I was created to be.

Which artists and photographers have influenced your work?

First of all, what inspires my art is a creation of nature and movement. The way I see the world changes rapidly, in the same way, the artists and photographers I am inspired by also change.
Two that have been inspiring me over a longer episode are Nick Knight and Marta Syrko, but I have realized that the most important thing for me is to always refer to my own and my creativity because it is only from there that I can take inspiration to create something original.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing to consider while shooting portraits?

In my opinion, the most important thing is letting go of perfectionism and creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. It’s about a story that needs to be told, not about the perfect shot, this one will come. Setting yourself and the model-free.

What are you working on lately?

There are many ideas in my head and one day I will be able to realize all of them. For now, I’m focusing on working with females, their bodies and their stories in movement. I’m planning on combining different arts to get the most authentic emotions.
Spring will be the flourishing time to realize this project.

Continue the sentence: for me photography is…

For me, photography is communication. 
It is a place to freeze an emotion, getting lost in creating and forgetting about the world around. Photography is a place I can forget physical pain sometimes.

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Sophia Lasson, intimate and unconfessed shots
Sophia Lasson, intimate and unconfessed shots
Sophia Lasson, intimate and unconfessed shots
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