Art The Anti Prejudice Keyboard, a project against prejudice

The Anti Prejudice Keyboard, a project against prejudice

Federica Cimorelli

Each language has its own history and often still bears the remnants of a slave-owning and intolerant colonial past. Every day, without realising it, we use offensive and prejudiced expressions. In the Portuguese language, for example, there are more than 300 words of a racist, xenophobic and sexist nature.
For a more inclusive society, it is important to improve vocabulary, break down verbal stigmatisation and start adopting more tolerant linguistic norms.
The Anti Prejudice Keyboard, a Globo Conde Nast project created by the Leo Burnett Tailor Made advertising agency, was created to help us in this battle.

Globo Conde Nast, publisher of Vogue Brasil, Glamour Brasil, GQ Brasil and Casa Vogue, has created a visionary project to combat language prejudice.
The Anti Prejudice Keyboard is a mobile phone keyboard, programmed for the Android operating system (for now), which identifies offensive words used by users and suggests more appropriate synonyms in real time.

In Portuguese, for example, the term “judiar“, which is linked to the persecution of the Jewish people, is changed to “maltratar“. Or, when the typed word is “marica“, which has a negative connotation, the keyboard suggests “gay” or “homossexual“.

The aim is to improve vocabulary, combat old linguistic vices, make everyone understand the power of words and advance verbal communication.
The Anti Prejudice Keyboard is based on a study by Thomas Finbow, a doctor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of São Paulo, and is a non-profit project available on the Play Store in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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