Art The Child of The Mandalorian by LEGO

The Child of The Mandalorian by LEGO

Giulia Guido

The collaboration between LEGO and Star Wars has renewed once again with the release of a special set dedicated to The Mandalorian series. 
On the occasion of the release of the second season of the Disney+ series coming next October 30 and whose trailer was released a few days ago, LEGO has launched the set to rebuild one of the most talked-about characters, The Child

Mistakenly called Baby Yoda by fans because it is part of the same species as the Jedi Master, its reproduction in LEGO is composed of 1,073 bricks and about 19 centimeters high. In addition, the set also includes a gear knob that can be put in the character’s hand, an information sign and a mini-figure of the Child. 

The Child is already available in stores and on the LEGO website

Written by Giulia Guido
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