Art The multifaceted nature of time at IED Florence

The multifaceted nature of time at IED Florence

Giorgia Massari

Do you remember Anish Kapoor‘s exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi? We talked about it here and, in particular, focused on the artist’s investigation of space and time. In connection with the Kapoor master’s exhibition, the IED in Florence is opening an exhibition that reflects on the same theme. It is a group show of artists, entitled The Tilt of Time, which explores the multifaceted nature of time through the works of Giulio Aldinucci, Fabrizio Ajello and Francesco D’Isa, Chiara Bettazzi, Alessandro Gandolfi, Jacopo Jenna and Namsal Siedlecki.

Jacopo Jenna

The subject

We are particularly struck by the reflection of Danilo Venturi, Director of IED Florence, who emphasizes how the theme of time is more relevant today than ever before. “The infinite time of the Internet. The interrupted time of the pandemic. Going back in time with the war in Ukraine. The accelerated time of artificial intelligence.” What the exhibition communicates is undoubtedly time and its various interpretations, from cyclical to eternal, linear to fragmentary. The Tilt of Time explores six research trajectories and offers reflections ranging from the transformation of objects and their meanings over time and history, to the current role of artificial intelligence in image-making and its relationship to the visual arts, touching on the geopolitical tensions of our present time. The exhibition also includes the language of performance and music, which, by their very nature, not only exist in time, but also organize, compress or expand it.

Chiara Bettazzi

The exhibition

With this premise, the exhibition opens. It is Chiara Bettazzi‘s site-specific work that welcomes the audience as soon as they cross the entrance. Color and flair emerge immediately. It is an installation created using objects from the institute’s storerooms, hybridized with evocative objects from her studio. In this way, Chiara Bettazzi generates new forms capable of highlighting the encounter between different temporal planes and the transitory nature of matter. This large installation restores life and balance to objects, similar to an expanded still life that prompts us to reflect on the role of time.

The exhibition continues with Alessandro Gandolfi‘s photographic narrative, displaying images from reportage in different parts of the world, highlighting contemporary geopolitical tensions. In the IED corridor, distinctive skylights host a complex wall-drawing by Fabrizio Ajello and Francesco D’Isa, together with the master’s class, who transformed dreams into images using artificial intelligence.

Fabrizio Ajello e Francesco D’Isa

The exhibition concludes with a blown glass sculpture by Namsal Siedlecki, created from a pre-existing bronze sculpture, which invites reflection on the interplay between past and present. In addition, there are two performance events at the Strozzina at Palazzo Strozzi: a sleeping concert by Giulio Aldinucci on Nov. 11 (9:30 to 8:00 p.m.) and a durational performance by Jacopo Jenna on Nov. 23 (7:00 to 9:00 p.m.).

Namsal Siedlecki
Alessandro Gandolfi

The exhibition is on view from Oct. 27 to Nov. 30, 2023, at IED Florence, Via Bufalini 6R
The project is coordinated by Daria Filardo (IED) and Martino Margheri (Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi) with curatorial development by the Master in Curatorial Practice 2022/2023 class

Written by Giorgia Massari
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