Art “Ti Amo Italia”, Nutella celebrates the beauty of Italy

“Ti Amo Italia”, Nutella celebrates the beauty of Italy

Giulia Guido

From the shores of Lake Como to the Faraglioni of Capri, from the peaks of Gran Sasso to those of Monte Rosa, from the rolling hills of the Langhe to the Val d’Orcia. No matter where you decide to go, if you are in Italy any direction is the right one to be surprised by the landscape. Everyone knows it and everyone envies us, ours is the most beautiful country in the world, a pity that we often do not remember it. 
For this reason, Nutella and ENIT (Italian National Tourism Agency) have decided to celebrate together the unparalleled beauty of our Peninsula creating the special edition “Ti Amo Italia”

This is a limited series of Nutella jars that will take us on a journey to 30 different places in Italy, from the ancient villages to the mountains, to the crystal clear sea. The jars, which will arrive in supermarkets in mid-October, will have a QR code on the back that, framing it with the smartphone, will give the opportunity to live an immersive experience of virtual reality in the place on the package, allowing the user to discover the history, uses and typical recipes of the area.  

The initiative of Nutella and ENIT not only wants to pay homage to our country, but aims to make its beauties known to everyone, you never know that the next trip will be right there, the place seen in passing among the shelves of the supermarket. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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