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Birdie, the fine line between courtesy and abuse

Let’s start with the premise that abuse is not an easy subject. While it seems obvious to many to define as such all those acts and behaviors that undermine the mental and physical health of any individual, others want to make distinctions between physical violence and psychological violence, also tending to argue that the former is worse than the latter, or vice versa.

We do not rise to the level of judges and do not make judgments, but we give you a little food for thought.

The last work by the author and director Shelly Lauman is called Birdie and is a 5-minute short film that, without dialogue and big twists, shows a moment of daily life: a woman leaves the house and heads towards the subway station and, crossing the gaze of a boy who smiles at her, out of pure courtesy she returns her smile.

This small exchange, to which the woman remains indifferent, will trigger a strange reaction in the boy, as if that smile had legitimized him to become more confident, to overcome a limit that should not be exceeded.

Shelly Lauman is able to perfectly restore and recreate that feeling of insecurity that pervades body and mind.

Rewatch In Sound, We Live Forever.

Birdie, the fine line between courtesy and abuse