“Five minute to sea”, the short film by Natalia Mirzoyan

Emanuele D'Angelo

“Five minute to sea” is an animated short film by Natalia Mirzoyan that sums up a bit our childhood at sea.
It has never happened to anyone who wants to stay in the water, wet by the waves, but their mother loudly calls us to come out again.

“Sit down and warm yourself. You’re shaking,” says the worried mother, who takes off her watch and entrusts it to the little one, promising her a new bath but “in five minutes”.
So from the sound of those hands, the little one’s thoughts take flight, the famous five minutes are interminable, her team head analyzes every person on the beach. Until, finally, the hands reach the desired point, everything else disappears, the little one becomes one with the sea.

A simple but striking short film, which invites us to understand the perception of time, but also of old age and how boredom can stimulate the imagination.


Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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