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“There’s a Monster in My Kitchen”, the new Greenpeace’s awareness campaign

Greenpeace UK and Mother London‘s new campaign There’s a Monster in My Kitchen highlights the devastating consequences of global industrial meat production. The animated video, written by James Sellick and produced by Cartoon Saloon, aims to raise consumer awareness of the food industry’s environmental impact.

To make space for plantations that feed chickens and beasts, the world’s largest food companies are turning the Amazon rainforest into ashes, exterminating indigenous peoples and worsening the global climate situation.

The video, narrated in rhyme by Wagner Moura, tells the point of view of Jag-wah, a South American jaguar displaced from the forest. To communicate his condition, the video compares his feelings with those experienced by a child in front of an unknown monster. The intense strokes and dark colors underline the nightmare, the dismay and the difficulties of the situation, but it is not too late to act, Greenpeace gives us hope.
We must renew ourselves, change our diet, replace meat with vegetable options and stop consuming the food that devours the forests. Only in this way can we save the planet and win the fight against climate change.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

“There’s a Monster in My Kitchen”, the new Greenpeace’s awareness campaign