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Gucci’s Gaming Academy looking at mental health

With the goal of growing young esports talent and creating a healthier gaming and competition environment, the fashion house headed by Alessandro Michele has unveiled Gucci Gaming Academy, a development program that provides support through coaching sessions dedicated to teamwork and especially mental health, in collaboration with the esports platform FACEIT.

In fact, Gucci will select candidates for its academy based on interviews and gaming performance to assess players’ skills. Once accepted, players will remain members of the academy for 1 year, unless they are first officially signed by a professional team.

As part of the academy, Gucci and FACEIT will also collaborate with the World Health Organization to ensure that gamers receive extensive support to take care of their physical and mental health, an absolute fundamental and very important issue that gamers often tend to underestimate, while also improving their gaming skills.

To present the project, Gucci produced a short film directed by Tom Newman that is a metaphor for the fashion house and how Guccio Gucci realized realized his dream by bringing Gucci to life.

Gucci’s Gaming Academy looking at mental health