“How Have You Been?”, the short film by Polly Nor

Emanuele D'Angelo

With her illustrations of women and demons, Polly Nor is probably one of the best-known artists in her field.
Recently she has embarked on a new and beautiful challenge: to create a short film.
It is titled “How Have You Been?” and tells about life during the lockdown, the loneliness felt along with a pain that does not allow us to remain serene.

“I started writing the story at the beginning of lockdown, so isolation and the pandemic were at the forefront of my mind, and that is reflected in the film.”

The short film was made with crucial input from award-winning 2D animation studio Andy Baker, who was able to turn the British artist’s beautiful illustrations into the video.

“How Have You Been?” is a short film that manages to lay bare our emotions, from loneliness to pain, that many of us still feel during this difficult period. So a simple snail that later turns into a demon can become our most faithful ally,
hoping that everything will return, as soon as possible, to normal.




Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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