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“It’s Still Being Written”, love told in an animated short film

How does a love story begin? In our opinion, it is impossible to describe it in words.
Feelings are inexplicable sensations, born of fortuitous and unexpected encounters and are an involuntary, elusive and indefinable use. Love is a multisensory emotion, born of an intense mental and physical connection and is irrepressible. To really talk about it it is useless to look for explanations or to refer to definitions, we must go beyond the dictionary and simply speak in metaphors.
This is exactly how the text of It’s Still Being Written, Kadeem Roper‘s poem on which Melanie Gohin‘s short film is based, was born.

It’s Still Being Written transports us into the whirlwind of emotions experienced by a couple at the beginning of a love affair and evokes the passion and desire of the two lovers.
With boundless technical and creative skills, Melanie Gohin brings words to life and manages to celebrate the power of feelings. Using Adobe Procreate, Photoshop, After Effects and Toon Boom animation software, the young 2D animator and motion designer gives us a pure and authentic testimony of love.
To the tune of The Night Train‘s “What a Gal“, It’s Still Being Written is an elegant and genuine ode to human feelings.



Script and voice: Kadeem Roper
Motion design and animation: Mélanie Gohin
Sound design: Marco Morales
Music: “What a Gal” by The Night Train


Words by Federica Cimorelli

“It’s Still Being Written”, love told in an animated short film