“It’s Everyone’s Journey”, the jungle of public transport

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It’s Everyone’s Journey

Using public transport is like entering a big jungle where the strongest always seems to be in charge. There are no rules or hierarchies, respect for others and those in need is so rare that it almost becomes absent.
In England, a quarter of disabled people refuse to use public transport because of the rude behaviour of other travellers. We need to change this and make people aware of the rules. This is how “It’s Everyone’s Journey”, the new advertising campaign of the Department for Transport UK (DfT), came about.

“It’s Everyone’s Journey” is a multi-faceted animated campaign launched in cinemas, print, radio and social media, aims to unite everyone with the goal of being kinder to others.

To create an effective and memorable commercial, the filmmaking duo Smith & Foulkes decided to tell the problem of social incivility from a different point of view.
Human behaviour, when reckless and impulsive, is incredibly similar to that of animals and the evolution of the species seems to be fading away. Comparing the behaviour of animals with that of citizens is a clear, powerful and effective way of shining a light on our bad habits.

“It’s Everyone’s Journey” is a 2D animation campaign produced by Nexus Studios and created in collaboration with VMLY&R, a brand and customer experience agency that uses creativity, technology and culture to create connections between brands.



Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Collater.al Contributors
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