3:45, the short film by Alisha Liu to think about the present

Emanuele D'Angelo

3:45 is the second animated short by Alisha Liu. A short film that as always wants to make us reflect on our time, the existential questions that we often ask, without ever actually finding an answer.
It all begins in Central Park, in beautiful New York, two friends on a sunny Sunday decide to go on a picnic.
It seems to be all normal when one of the two spontaneously decides to open up and unleash of bang all her doubts, her anxieties, those questions that plague all of us, perhaps in different ways, but often do not find a solution.

“Have you ever noticed that everyone is going fast, fast, but in what direction?” And again: “This park will be gone one day, and then so will the city.”

All questions that are difficult, not to say impossible, to answer, although sometimes we would like an answer, even small or partial, in short, to know what will become of us after all this. What will become of us after all these working days or after struggling to find a balance that we won’t need much afterward.
These are all questions to which the friend, taking up Buddhist and Stoic philosophy, responds by telling her to concentrate on the present, which is the only thing that counts in order to be truly happy.
So her friend’s stream of consciousness is interrupted, after all, it’s only 3:45, today is a beautiful day and we are in Central Park enjoying a picnic on a beautiful sunny day.

Maybe this is true happiness or maybe not, but in the meantime, the promising student of the California Institute of the Arts founded in 1961 by Walt Disney, Alisha Liu, invites us to think, never underestimating what is happening to us right now, in this very moment, in our present.


Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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