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SIZZLE, an ASMR short film

In mass culture, ASMR’s acronym (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) implies the whole set of brain, visual, auditory and tactile stimuli able of generating an absolute state of mental rillasage.
SIZZLE, the new short film written and directed by Mattia Ramberti, uses this curious effect to tell, through sounds, a crazy and paradoxal story.

This short video documents the endless night of a sleepless man: breathless, footsteps, moans and sighs accompany him in his search for the perfect stimulus to fall asleep.
Between sleeping pills and drops to relax, the only effective solution is also the most dangerous.

Watch SIZZLE – an ASMR short film and enjoy a unique sound adventure.


Actor: Lorenzo Ciccola
Writer and Director: Mattia Ramberti
Cinematographer: Giovanni Stella
Creative Producer: Martina Abbado
Lettering: Giovanni Spera
Production: Smile Vision


Words by Federica Cimorelli

SIZZLE, an ASMR short film