“The Journey”, from war to Olympics and Paralympics Games

Federica Cimorelli
The Journey

For those born and raised in countries where there is war, the journey to freedom is not easy. Life is constantly in danger and when individual security is achieved, people stop running from fear and start running towards something new.
Displaced persons and refugees are not well represented in other countries and their struggles are not always heard. However, there are those who work to protect those fleeing war and persecution, as told in “The Journey“, the new commercial by UNHCR – the United Nations Refugee Organisation – released on 6 April on the occasion of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

The Journey” tells the story of a displaced woman forced to flee her home. Hers is a journey to freedom, a race fleeing danger and heading towards a new goal: an Olympic medal.

One of our biggest challenges creatively was to make an emotionally impactful film, whilst keeping the protagonist anonymous. We chose to show only her legs, as this allows our film to be representative of many refugees’ journeys.

This short film calls for global support for the refugee teams that will participate in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games and, in the process, highlights the situations faced by people from all over the world who come face to face with violence.

Created by advertising agency Don’t Panic and directed by Pantera, “The Journey” highlights the power of sport to rebuild people’s lives, to bring hope and change. Watch it here.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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