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Throat Notes, the new short film by Felix Colgrave

Thanks to a recent self-funding campaign Felix Colgrave is back with one of his psychedelic animated shorts.
It’s titled Throat Notes, a little story about the weird creatures you might cross paths within Tasmania and the strange things they might be up to.

As always, the director, Australian animator has carved out a key role for music and sound effects, real protagonists of his new short, which mark every scene, every single psychedelic passage of the bizarre creatures of Tasmania.

For the rest, the short moves on the theme of capture, the main theme of the story, emphasizing how man and these ancestral creatures are unable to share the same territory, with the first always ready to give battle to the second.

Now you just have to dive into the dreamlike universe of Felix Colgrave, good vision!


Throat Notes, the new short film by Felix Colgrave